Civil Projects:


Lyttleton Port LPC:Lyttleton Port

A joint venture between C & R and Heron Construction has begun work on Stage 1 of LPC’s port reclamation. The scope of the project includes dredging five hectares of sea bed and replacing with 3.5 million tons of selected aggregate material from Gollan’s Bay Quarry (1.5km from the port). A combination of blasting, excavation, screening, stockpiling, carting and placing material, will be handled by the C&R team over the next two years.




Huntly Expressway:Huntly Expressway

C&R has completed our five kilometre earthworks section of the Huntly Expressway. The contract included the massive 90-metre deep box cut resulting in close to one million cubic metres of material shifted in to engineered fills and waste areas.





C&R have committed a substantial plant group to the continued development of Rotowaro Coal Mine. Together with BT Mining – significant quantities of overburden continue to be removed with the recent establishment of our 180 ton Komatsu PC1800 Excavator to join its class of 100 ton excavators and trucks.




BIL – Cambridge:BIL Cambridge

Earthworks have begun on BIL’s first stage of its new industrial park in Cambridge. Our first task has been to establish a building platform for the massive 40,000m2 building – as part of a new industrial precinct for the Waikato.




Frontier Road – Te Awamutu:Frontier Road Te Awamutu

C & R has begun works on a new 300 lot subdivision in Te Awamutu. The design incorporates both medium and high-density housing, with wetland areas and recreational reserves.





Otaika Quarry:Otaika Quarry

We have continued work on the overburden removal contract at Otaika Quarry in Whangarei. A 100 ton class plant group was established to remove 400,000bcm of overburden and establish a new fill area to the north of the site. Development of this included building a new Shear Key, major haul road, underfill drainage and clean water diversions.




Smythe’s Quarry:Smythe's Quarry

Further overburden removal works have continued for C&R at Smythe’s Quarry in Maramarua.





Whitehall Quarry:Whitehall Quarry

Overburden removal works have continued for C&R at Whitehall Quarry in Cambridge. We established a Komatsu PC1250 excavator at the site, along with its recently refurbished 60 ton CAT 775 dumpers.

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