Most of our work is carried out in the central North Island, but we will undertake projects anywhere in the country – for example we currently have a plant hire supply contract at a coal mine at Nightcaps in Southland. We have previously undertaken contracts in Australia and Hong Kong.

Plant hirePlanthiretitle

All our plant fleet is available for hire – either dry or wet, including operators and fuel, short or long term - periods from a fortnight to two years if required. See plant page.





Civil contracting, roading and major subdivisionsaug st kilda

Civil project clients require that we provide the most up to date services – consequently all vehicles operating in this area such as excavators and dozers are equipped with GPS Topcon positioning units. It obviously cuts down on surveying time through to production and completion of the whole contract. We will tender for jobs in our own right or with other companies to achieve the best result for the client. This is evidenced by our work for BECA on the recently completed St Kilda Waterways project in Cambridge which won a Natural Habitats Urban Land Developments Property Award.


Quarrying and mining, overburden removalMaramaruacoalWS

We have long established our competence in undertaking this work, for general quarrying and mining operations throughout the country.




Environment – specialist installations, sediment controlaug Waingaroponds

We have built ponds, bunds and won awards for our work in sediment control on large and small projects.






Civil Engineering Design

We employ two qualified surveyors to provide 3D earthworks design for any project.